BeginnersBeginnersBeginnersBeginnersINTRODUCTION TO KITEBOARDING
Get into the action.

250 € - 5 hours (equipment provided)
-Kite handling/beach practice
-Body drag


advancedadvancedadvancedadvancedImprove your riding
50€ per hour, 2 hour minimum

-Upwind riding
-Strapless riding
-Tuning your gear up
-or whatever you need

Go Strapless!

Go Strapless!Go Strapless!Go Strapless!TAKE YOUR STRAPS OFF!

Enjoy the freedom of riding without foot straps or bindings. Learn how to ride strapless or just fine tune your surfing one-on-one with Fadi.

-pricing depends on season and wether or not you have your own equipment, please check with us.