What to do?

What to do?What to do?What to do?What to do?What to do on Fuerteventura?

Go karting
Learn golf
Buggy safari
Water park
drive around the north shore track
Explore deserted beaches by buggy or jeep
Go ten pin bowling in a modern alley
Hire a bike
Army Games
Hire a car
Boat trips
Explore the island on bicicles
Play war games with high-tech laser guns
Go on a day trip to Lanzarote by coach or alone
Go shopping
Learn to sail
Fly a kite
Go Snorkelling
Learn windsurfing
Find a wreck
Play golf
Try a boogyboard
Go off road biking
Go cycling
Visit the zoo
Get arty
Explore tracks that lead to deserted beaches
Visit Isle of Lobos
Deep sea fishing
Horse riding
Mountain biking
Try kiteboarding
Go on a picnic
Dine in style
Go fishing
Take a bus ride
Visit a museum
visit a Garden centres
visit the villages
Feed chipmunks
Go for a walk
Camel safari