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About Wainman Hawaii
Wainman Hawaii is an international company made up of friends and professionals. Because of the importance kiteboarding has for You, our goal is to design and manufacture products that push the boundaries of what man and machine can produce. Because of the nature of how we work, sometimes we come up with some crazy things as well. But that is always done only with good intentions and for fun, as a smile is the healthiest thing in this world. We never intend to make anyone mad or upset, and if we have somehow done that in any way, we are really very sorry. We are here so you can relax, live your life, and when the time comes to ride, just get on the water and be 100% stoked with the gear that you chosen. This is what we aim for, and this is who we are.

Lou Wainman - Cofounder and WH icon. The man whose passion and commitment in the past made kitboarding what it is now. With a mind full of unique ideas and crazy sense of humor, Lou never leaves us bored. He inspires and motivates. He is the man with one of the wildest and most passionate souls that can exist. The designer and kiteboarder.

For more info, please check our link to www.wainmanhawaii.com



Freestyle/Freeride Boards

Freestyle/Freeride BoardsFreestyle/Freeride BoardsBLUNT II
Continuing the huge success of the 1st Blunt edition, we are pleased to present improved Blunt II with a changed construction, new graphics and accessories. The new Blunt, produced in our new factory in Austria, is slightly heavier but now "totally" bomb proof. Still, this is the same great, skinny board, as dragless, as smooth, as edgy, and as sick for strapped freeride as the original Blunt was. No matter if it's flat, wave or choppy water – the Blunt will do the job! Blunts will be supplied with 5cm fins, new thermo foam pads and straps, grab handle, tool bag and of course board bag. New Blunts are available in 4 sizes: 125 x 39 cm; 130 x 40,5 cm; 135 x 41,5 cm; 137 x 43,5 cm.

Though this wakestyle oriented revolutionary board is causing many pro-riders wanting to switch their sponsors, it is also great all-round board for intermediate riders. The most revolutionary board in Wainman Hawaii range and probably the most innovative on the market, on the first look gives you the thought of a wakestyle/newschool board and though our inspiration in designing this board, was to make Niccolo’s great riding even better, but in the end we have also perfect tool for advanced/intermediate amateurs who want to make a progress. Fast riding, insane pop, finless riding and the smoothest landing in the industry. These features together with pretty big rocker gives direct feel and top performance. Jokes will be supplied with shorter 4 cm fins, new thermo foam pads and straps, board bag, tool bag and is ready to be ridden with wake bindings. Jokes are available in 3 sizes: 134 x 40,5 cm; 138 x 41,5 cm; 142 x 42,5 cm.